Winnerz beginner’s guide to fast-paced gaming of live baccarat

Live baccarat is among the most popular casino games in the world and you can find its best version right here at Winnerz. It has a simple set of rules and only three possible outcomes per round. It’s also fast-paced with each round lasting around half a minute. Thus, you can gain 1:1 winnings quickly and easily because its limited outcomes also mean it has a high win rate.

Winnerz has plenty of live baccarat games from different software providers. Each one follows the same concept so your understanding of one can translate to all other games of a similar category. If you are a beginner, then here is everything you need to know about how to play baccarat:

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Quick overview of baccarat

Winnerz’s live baccarat follows the exact same rules as its traditional table-top versions from land-based gambling houses. Most dealers use a stack of 6 to 9 decks and use an auto shuffler then put the stack on a dealing shoe. Here are the rest of the details about the game and its pieces:

The basic structure of a baccarat table divides the table into two hands, the banker and the dealer. Despite the names, neither hand is assigned to anyone. You can look at banker and player as two competing entities and you are just placing a bet on who wins each round.

Live baccarat is streamed using a high-definition camera but the way it is handled is different between game providers. Some have a more dynamic view that changes with the state of the game while others remain static. It’s up to you which version you like best when you play live baccarat.

All of the important parts need to be within the camera’s default view including the dealer, the table, the deck shoe, as well as the auto shuffler. If the camera is dynamic, it will zoom in to show the card results. Otherwise, they are simply shown in front of the dealer with a handy heads-up display to clarify the results.

There are only three outcomes in a live baccarat game which are banker, player, and tie. Both the banker and player have roughly half the chance of winning and pay all bets 1:1. The tie is 9.53% and it pays between 6:1 to 9:1 depending on how many decks are used in the card stack.

The winner is decided by which hand has a hand with the higher value. After bets are placed, the dealer deals one card at a time until there are two on both the banker and the dealer. The value of each hand is equal to the sum of the cards’ ranks. All ranks give the card value of the same number so a 2♡ is equal to 2. Face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) are each equal to 10 while Ace is equal to 1.

One important factor to remember in baccarat is that only the first digit of the sum is counted. Therefore, a total of 11 is equal to 1 and all 10 cards (10, Jack, Queen, and King) are each equal to 0, making 9 the highest value in baccarat.

After the cards are dealt for both hands, there are some conditions that can cause a third card to appear on either or both the banker and player. The rules are simple as it uses an if-then system like the following:

  • If either of them is dealt a total of 8-9 values, then it's natural and both hands stand.
    • Otherwise, the player draws if its hand is equal to 0-5.
  • The banker draws if their hand is equal to 0-5 while the player’s hand is 6-7.
  • The banker can draw if its hand value is equal to 0-2.
  • The banker only draws a third card if its hand is between 3 to 7 depending on the player’s third card. The banker draws if:
    • Its hand is 3 and the player’s third card is 0-7
    • Its hand is 4 and the player’s third card is 2-7
    • Its hand is 5 and the player’s third card is 4-7
    • Its hand is 6 and the player’s third card is 6-7

This rule is automatically done by the dealer so all you have to do is sit and watch for the results to appear. If you wish to follow along with the process, however, you can simply refer to the above bullet points or see the reference table at the live baccarat game you are playing.

Side bets in baccarat are additional bets you can make per round. Every player can only choose one main bet but they can place a stake on as many side bets they wish. Some options can pay a lot higher than the tie bet so they are popular among high-rollers. Here are a few examples of the most common ones:

  • All red/all black - All cards on both hands, including third cards, have to be either red or black. Successful all red bets pay 22:1 while all black pays 24:1.
  • Big/small - Big bets win 2:1 if there is a third card on either or both hands. Small bets win 3:2 if neither side drew a card.
  • Pair/Perfect pair - pair bets win if either the player’s or banker’s opening hand are two cards of the same rank and pays 5:1. It’s a perfect pair if the pair also has the same suit and it pays 25:1. Pair bets are still paid 5:1 if the result is a perfect pair.

Not all side bets are present in all baccarat games as some game providers prefer one set of features over the other. Some titles even come with unique side bets to make their version of baccarat more unique. Explore different titles and see which ones suit you best.

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Top baccarat games at Winnerz live casino

Winnerz has plenty of different live baccarat titles thanks to its partnership with the best casino game providers. If you liked any of them, then feel free to explore other live games at Winnerz.

Speed Baccarat

Starting off this list with something simple is Speed Baccarat from Evolution Gaming. It follows the same standard rules of traditional baccarat with the only main difference is the length of the game. There is only 10 seconds for all players to place their bets before a round begins, then the dealer proceeds from dealing the cards to announcing the outcome in 15 seconds.

Everyone gets 2 seconds to see their payout being transferred to their bankroll then the game resets. What used to take 75-90 hands per hour now runs at 120 hands per hour, giving you more winnings in the same time span as regular baccarat.

Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat from Evolution Gaming gives you the excitement of slot games by adding multipliers into baccarat. Any of the cards in the decks can gain a 2x-8x multiplier and appear on either hand. All bets winning on that hand with the multiplier wins 1:1 multiplied by the assigned multiplier value of all cards in that hand.

All multipliers stack on the same hand so three cards on one side all with 8x multiplier awards a total of 512x. What’s more exciting is tie bets with up to six cards with 8x multiplier can reach the highest possible payout of 262,144x. These multipliers also apply to side bets which also stack with the main bet.

RNG First Person Baccarat

Evolution Gaming brings you an immersive virtual experience with RNG First Person Baccarat. This is a fully-rendered 3D live casino game where there is no dealer as all game elements move on their own. They also shuffle using a random number generator (RNG) to determine the arrangement of the cards per round.

Other than being a virtual experience, much of the game is the same as a standard baccarat. You just need to place your bets to start every round, then you sit back and wait for the outcome.

Baccarat Control Squeeze

Live baccarat games are very convenient but many players are used to the traditional suspenseful setup of land-based baccarat games. The main difference is that land-based versions let the players perform the squeezing or revealing of the cards for both hands. Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Control Squeeze allows players to take control of when and how the cards are meant to be revealed. All cards are dealt downwards so the contents are scanned by the camera underneath. They will then appear on your screen and you peel off the covers until you see all of them.

Frequently asked questions about live baccarat in Winnerz

You can ask Winnerz a few questions about live baccarat games before you start playing. We will help you understand the game as thoroughly as possible so you can enjoy them in the best way possible. Please see the following frequently asked questions and see if any answer your inquiry:

Yes, they do. Live baccarat has a chat system for players to interact with one another and enjoy each other’s company. The dealer can also read these chats so you can address them directly or have them join the conversation. That being said, please be polite in the chat and keep the experience nice for everyone.
Yes, they are. Winnerz is partnered with amazing game providers for live baccarat and other games. They are tended by dealers at a studio who take shifts occasionally to continue the game for all players. You can often see them take a few seconds pause to switch places. When that happens, please say hello to the new game host.
Unfortunately, not all of them. Many of Winnerz’s bonuses are free spins which are only applicable to slots. Only cash bonuses are applicable to all live casino games unless stated in the reward description. Always read the requirements as well as terms and conditions so you can see which games you can play with those bonuses.
All live casino games at Winnerz are the best in their respective niche thanks to the high-quality production from game providers like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Ezugi. Live baccarat is only one of many games that you can enjoy right here at Winnerz. Be sure to explore all game categories to see which ones suit your playstyle best.
Yes, you can. Winnerz website and all of its live casino games can be played both on mobile devices as well as desktop. User interface is perfectly designed to adapt well between large screens and the compact touchscreen display of any Android and iOS model. You just need a web browser to launch Winnerz live casino without issue.

Play live baccarat now and become an instant winner

Winner is here to welcome all aspiring winners in games of luck. Come over and play live baccarat games using generous welcome bonuses that you can find at the promotions tab. Since these are live service games, all users need to log in first before launching any of them.

You also need to have money or bonus rewards on your Winnerz account before you can place bets so remember to top up before entering any live baccarat table. Once you are ready to play, you can go ahead and enjoy the game. Baccarat is a popular even money bet with frequent hit rate and high payouts.