Spin your chances with Winnerz’s roulette wheels!

By playing here at Winnerz, you can enjoy playing a lot of games that will test how lucky and strategic you are. With several games to choose from, we made sure that we can give you the best playing experience that you’ll enjoy even when you’re at home.

Aside from a plethora of slot games, we also teamed up with some of the best providers in the industry. If you’re fond of playing casino games, you might have seen some roulette games which are a popular game choice in the industry.

If you love playing roulette, you’ve come to the right site! Here at Winnerz, we feature several online and live casino roulette games you can choose from. This way, you can experience various approaches to this renowned game and test how lucky you can get with it.

To have the best roulette playing experience, we suggest that you learn more about the wonders of roulette games and variants we have in store for you. With that, read along to find out more about our Winnerz roulette games!

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How to play roulette

It’s not hard to play roulette online since it just follows the same principles when playing in a land casino. Despite the fact that there are numerous varieties of roulette, knowing the gameplay is essentially the same.

Before the game begins, you first need to place bets along with everyone else. Your bets should be based on your assumptions of where the ball will stop after it spins.

Once the croupier has rolled the ball, the betting round will be closed. After then, you’ll have to watch how the ball rolls and in which pocket it will settle. If you placed the right bets, you will win the corresponding prizes.

Roulette games you can play at Winnerz

Here at Winnerz, you can choose from several roulette games that can provide you with long hours of fun. Regardless if you want to try video or live roulette, you are assured that we have something in store for you. With that, here are some of our roulette titles you can check out:

As the name suggests, this game makes use of the traditional European roulette wheel that has 37 numbers. These are the numbers 1 to 36 that are either red or black and a single zero that is always marked in green.

Aside from the autoplay function, this game also has a turbo mode that allows you to have instant wins. The game also has elements like undo, clear all, spin, and double. It also has a gaming history that you can view to keep track of your wins. The RTP of this game is 97.30%.
This is another roulette game from Spinomenal here at Winnerz. This game has the same features as the European roulette VIP game, except that its backdrop shows snowflakes falling, thus indicating the Christmas vibe. This version also has a festive soundtrack as the game continues.

The game shares the same features as the aforementioned game with the same RTP of 97.30%.
This game, also known as Roulette Nouveau, is a popular game from Relax Gaming. This also uses the traditional European wheel that has 37 different numbers. Nouveau means new, that’s what you can expect some exciting features in the game. As a video roulette game, it also has an autoplay function.

Some of the features of this game include prompts saying clear, undo, double, and re-bet. There are eight chips that can be placed in this game — 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5, 25, 100, 500, and 1k.
iSoftBet’s Gem Roulette is another game at Winnerz. Unlike the other aforementioned games, this game uses an American Roulette wheel which has two zeros aside from the 36 numbers.

Instead of seeing zeros, a gem and a golden chip are used. The game also uses smooth animations that will help you enjoy playing even more.

You can place the gem bet in this game so you can enjoy its special feature. If the ball lands on either the chip or the diamond, you can win from 5:1 up to 200:1. The minimum bet you can place is 0.10 while the maximum bet is 10. You can also enjoy massive payouts from this game, especially since it has an RTP of 97.37%.
This live game from Pragmatic Play Live takes your typical European roulette game to a whole new level. Aside from letting you enjoy the usual gameplay, this also gives you the chance to win bigger prizes with the help of their 50x up to 500x multipliers. These multipliers can be applied to any random straight-up bets you will place.

These games are broadcasted live from their state-of-the-art studios. In this game, players can place all 37 straight up bets in one move. What you’ll love about this is that even when it is hosted by live dealers, you can still activate the autoplay feature.
Another live game from Pragmatic Play Live is Live Roulette which uses the typical European wheel. By following the classic gameplay, players will have no issue when it comes to understanding how the game is played.

This game also offers something special for players looking for complex bets. By switching to the racetrack layout of the game, you can try placing bets like the Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Orphelins. Other special bets you can try placing are Finale en Plein, Finales a Cheval or Full Complete.
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Our roulette game providers

Here at Winnerz, we make sure to give you the best playing experience that you deserve to have. With that, we made sure that our available roulette games come from some of the best game providers you’ll see in the industry. Here are some of them:


Spinomenal is one of the fastest-growing game developers in the iGaming industry. By introducing several games that appealed to the different interests of players, many became excited to see what they offer. Aside from producing creative slot titles, they also made their own take on table games which we feature here at Winnerz.

Relax Gaming

Another game provider we have teamed up with is Relax Gaming which was founded in 2010. By having a great team of creatives and several offices spread around the world, they have produced exciting games — both slots and table games — you can enjoy any time you wish.


One of our roulette game providers is iSoftbet, a casino game developer known for its diversity and innovation. With the help of their impressive team, they were able to develop several games that cater to players’ different interests. Aside from their roulette game which we offer, they also created several slot games.

Pragmatic Live

Founded in 2015, Pragmatic Play is one of the most popular game providers in the iGaming industry. Aside from creating several impressive slot games, they have also started creating a slew of impressive live games that attest to their credible reputation.

Roulette bets you can make

There are several bets you can place when playing roulette. These bet types fall under the categories of inside and outside bets which determine if your bets are more inclined on the generic or specific outcome of the game.

Here are the bets you can place when playing your favourite Winnerz’s roulette games.

Inside bets

These bets are harder to win since they are more directed to the more specific results of the game. Winning from these bets will give players the chance to win larger payouts. Here are the bets that classify under this type:

  • Straight-up
    This bet means that you are betting on a single number. This provides a 35-1 payout.
  • Split
    This bet means that you are wagering on two numbers that are adjacent to one another. This is visually represented by a chip placed between two numbers you have picked. This offers a 17-1 payout.
  • Street
    This bet means that you are betting on three numbers from the same row at the table. A virtual chip is placed in the leftmost line of the row or street that you wish to bet on. This gives an 11-1 payout.
  • Square/corner
    You can wager on four numbers that form a square on the table. To place this, you can place the virtual chip in the corner of the four numbers you wish to bet on. This has an 8-1 payout.
  • Six line
    This allows you to place bets on two streets. Here, the virtual chip would have to be placed on the shared line of the two streets. This gives a 5-1 payout.
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Outside bets

Outside bets are easier to win because they are directed towards the generic outcome of the game. Given the fact that they are easier to win, you can expect winning smaller prizes from these.

There are several outside bets you can place in a roulette game. These are:

  • 1 to 18 or 19 to 36
    This bet allows you to guess which number bracket the ball will land in.
  • Red or black
    By placing this bet, you have to guess if the colour of the spot the ball will stop on.
  • Even or odd
    This bet allows you to predict whether the number on which the ball will land is odd or even.
  • Dozen bets
    In this bet, you can guess under which dozen the winning number will belong. The options for this are 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36.
  • Column bets
    This bet allows players to guess the column on the table where the winning number belongs.

Helpful tips to win Winnerz roulette games

Even though roulette is a game of chance, there are ways you can win better from it. With that, here are some helpful roulette playing tips you may wish to keep in mind:

Each of our available games follow the usual objective of roulette. Since most of our game providers incorporated some unique features in their games, we highly recommend understanding the rules of each game you click. When you’re playing video roulette, we recommend trying out their fun play modes first.
The thrill in playing roulette lies on the part that you don’t know how a game will end up. However, some players usually see certain patterns in the results. If you notice a trend, we recommend going with the flow until the streak ends. Although it is not considered a legitimate strategy, it is worth a try.

Although certain result patterns may appear on occasion, you should still remember that they are purely accidental. However, keep in mind that patterns can easily be ended after each round. This will help you avoid falling victim to the gambler's fallacy.
To avoid losing a large sum of money in the long run, it is preferable that you start with smaller bets. If you wish to place larger bets while still starting with a game, try using outside bets so you’ll have better chances of winning. If you believe luck is on your side, you may gradually increase the amount of bets you wish to place.

You should also keep in mind that it is important to manage your bankroll as you play. To have the best playing experience, we recommend that you stick to a certain playing budget and not exceed your playing limits. Also, never chase your losses as it can lead you to lose more money.
These are just some of what you need to know when playing roulette games here at Winnerz. What are you waiting for? Make an account, choose your favourite games, and have the ball spinning as you place your bets on where you think it’ll stop. Who knows? You might even win massive prizes out of them!